sometimes i get so frustrated bc people my age are out seeing places and doing things that i can’t even imagine while i’m spending my days sitting in a desk for six hours before going home and doing equally boring nothing

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Breakfast: Maple and Brown Sugar Microwave Oatmeal

Lunch: Chipotle Kid’s Meal Taco Kit- Brown beans, white rice, mild salsa, lettuce, and corn with chocolate milk and Chipotle chips

Snack: Fit & Active 100 Calorie Dipped Pretzels

Total Calories consumed: 735

Activity: Tennis, singles

Calories burned: 504

Well. Not bad, huh? How have you been doing?

The 1D concert was amazing, by the way :)


I just had a s’mores concrete mixer from Culver’s. Oops. In my defense, it was a small? Bad excuse, I know. Oh, well. 

Tomorrow is the ONE DIRECTION CONCERT. I’M FREAKING OUT. I have been looking forward to this for so long, you don’t even know. 

What’s going on with you?


Hey everyone!

I could lie and say that I’ve been super busy lately, but that would be, well, a lie. I have played in tennis tournaments and been without internet access at the grands’, but there has also been plenty of time for blogging as well. Oops!

Right now I’m drinking a peanut butter banana smoothie (http://www.prevention.com/weight-loss/flat-belly-diet/smoothies-weight-loss-flat-belly-smoothie-diet-recipes/peanut-butter-and-banana-smoothie). Try it, it’s amazing! 

I’m freshly home from a trip to the doctor’s office, where I got two shots in preparation for my trip overseas next March for Spring Break. Spoiled child, I know. The only upside to getting the shots was that it means that my trip is FINALLY COMING. I’m a little excited, can you tell?

Enough about me. How have YOU been? Weakening under 4th of July pressure? Standing strong against the red, white, and blue cookies? I’d love to hear from you!

Hope you’re all doing well and enjoying your summers!


I am droooooling

I am droooooling


I don’t know about you, but all ideas of health get thrown out the window today. YOLO and all that.

Have a good one everybody!


"To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear."

- Buddha